The visual musings of a daydreamer. (aka, me, Bianca Betancourt).

I love being in love, Britney Spears, cupcakes, and being inspired. I'm inspired by color, by the lack there of, by smiles, eyes that hold secrets, and facades that people put forth-the superficial things we so often force ourselves to overlook in order to "get to the point".

First impressions are everything. What do you think so far?

This election is downright scaring me. The two choices are the two clearest paths one can present to a voter and the fact that STILL half of this country wants to move backwards outright depresses me. 

I cannot live in a Romney America. He represents everything we WERE and what blinded people are still trying so hard to keep us to be. 

The President isn’t a magician and cannot magically enforce laws to be—not with the state of Congress as it is. 

Vote for who you want representing America worldwide—the America we are NOW. And hopefully will continue to grow to be.